Association of International Dance Teachers 

Aims of the A.I.D.T.

The A.I.D.T. is an examining body , whose aim is to promote the teaching and standard of Modern, Tap and Hip Hop dancing. A comprehensive syllabus in all sections enables students from the age of five years upwards, to learn the correct technique, develop discipline and musicality while enjoying the dancing experience. Careful attention is given to anatomy, as used in dance, to avoid injury through incorrect use.

Pre Grade children learn about a simple subject to which they can easily relate, regardless of language, using simple basic technique. This develops discipline, musicality, enjoyment, and is usually danced in a small group.

Older children learn through a carefully developed syllabus, moving through several grades, each employing more technique, and encouraging a basic knowledge of anatomy pertaining to the work, as well as musicality and presentation. There are 9 modern, 8 Tap and 4 Hip Hop grade exams, at present.

Advanced dancers go on through 3 Modern, 3 Tap and 2 Hip hop Major exams, that will eventually lead into more professional dancing, and a fínal Solo Performers exam, if the necessary standard has been achieved.

During examinations, examiners note any potentially good dancers who are eligible to receive a Bursary from the Association. This enables them to further their studies.

 Pre-Level and Level exams in Modern and Tap Grades have been introduced. These enable the pupil with correct work, but limited abilities, to participate in all examinations.

Modern solo performers examinatíon

The exam takes place In a Theatre with an audience. Dancers must have passed the Advanced with Honours. This gives "future performers" the opportunity to show
their stage presentation and talent, which will take them into the Performance World of Dance. The exam was choreographed by Sonje Meyer, Debbie Rakusin and
Henri Noppe.

Development of teachers

Students wishing to train as teachers must have passed examinatíons as specifíed in the syllabus. They are then allowed to train with a qualified teacher, in a section that allows them to teach pupils, but must first take a teachers examination before being able to enter their pupils for examinations.

They then go on to a further standard that must be passed before entering pupils for these higher grades.

Finally the teacher may take the Advanced Teacher section of the examination, in which he/she concentrates on the Major Exams, while displaying ability to explain the relative anatomy, music and corrective exercises.

The high standard required from the teacher enables  him/her to produce a high standard of dandng in his/ her pupils.

Teachers and exam candidates

The A.I.D.T. is proud to have produced over a thousand teachers who, in turn, produce many thousands of entries in exams during a year. These figures escalate rapidly annually. This exciting expansion is the result of many years of extreme dedication from every member in the society.


The AIDT is always on the move. As soon as the work needs an update to keep in line with the rest of the world, we revise the syllabus where necassary. Oversees teachers from companies etc are invited to coach and teach our members here in SA and some of our  own members who travel extensively conduct classes whenever and wherever possible.



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